Glad to Follow Ahnsahnghong

Hi all! Thought I'd share a recent experience, given the time of year that we're in. Okay, so like you know how everybody's celebrating Thanksgiving? My family became so upset because they were having a gathering at the church and I decided to go there instead of to my aunt's house for the holiday.

Of course, that night my mom argued with me and believed all the more that I was in a cult. The rest of my "family" ignored me. So I just made a joke out of it, saying to them, "Isn't this the time of year when the family comes closer together? Because I went to church you want to rip my head off. And you wonder why I don't want to keep man-made feasts..."

I was just recently studying about the what are the feasts of God. It turns out:

Ps. 132:12-16 - God has chosen Zion and He Himself will dwell there. Isa. 33:20 - But Zion is the City of God's feasts.
Lev. 23:1-44 - God's feasts are the seven yearly feasts and the 1 weekly feast (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Feast of Weeks, Feast of Trumpets, Day of Atonement & Feast of Tabernacles. Weekly is the Sabbath.)
Then whatever place keeps these feasts is Zion, according to the Bible.

However, looking around, no church keeps the Feasts of God. They may keep Thanksgiving, but that's not God's appointed feast.

How can a church keep a feast created by pilgrims, but ignore the feasts created by God? It all shows in the events themselves. The worldly feast of Thanksgiving ends in arguments and grudges. However, when I went to the family party at the church, it ended in prayer and the hope of coming back to that place again. Now I see why:
God will be where ever His feasts are kept. All of the churches and all of the houses keeping Thanksgiving - God's feasts are not there. So neither is God. Now I see why each place is so miserable, though they try to make it cheerful and fun.

However, only this church, Church of God World Mission Society, keeps the Feasts written in the Bible. But wait, the place keeping God's feasts is Zion, in the Bible. Then Church of God World Mission Society must be...Zion! That tells us something about the one who taught the feasts: after they were all abolished in the Dark Ages, the Bible says that only God can bring the feasts back ( Isa. 87:5 - only God can rebuild Zion.) Yet...

Christ Ahnsahnghong is the only one to teach the Feasts of God. Then Christ Ahnsahnghong must be...


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