"The reason most people - even pastors, priests, and ministers - don't know is,"
At this point, my co-worker was even more interested to know what kind of church this was.

God himself blinded the eyes of the prophets (Isa. 29:9-10)

Please refer back to my past post - of 11/7/07 - and you'll see exactly how Christ Ahnsahnghong fulfilled the prophecy of the Root of David, (This is not because I'm so smart - NOT AT ALL! But as I've been saying, I've been studying at the Church of God World Mission Society and every study gets more and more intense.)

Anywho, I proceeded to show my co-worker this verse:

Isa. 62:6-7 - Actually, only God can establish Jerusalem. But do you know who is Jerusalem?

"No. Like a city?"

Gal. 4:21-26 - There's a physical City Jerusalem on this earth - that's the Palestinian one. But the Jerusalem above (Heaven) is Our Mother.

Only God can establish Jerusalem, meaning only Our Father can show us Our Mother. No matter how many years in seminary, there's no man who teach you about God other than God. That's why the prophecy is that in the last days, we'll be taught by God himself
Isa. 2:2-3 - "He will teach you his ways...the word of the Lord will come from Jerusalem."

At this, she was speechless, but because her uncle was a pastor, she wanted to deny it. So, walking away quickly, she said, "I have to ask my uncle."

I kind of felt bad for her, because even though she saw it clearly in the Bible, she'd rather rely on mans teaching.

I thank Father Ahnsahnghong for opening my eyes to see the truth and My Mother.


When I learned that there was a Mother God I was shocked..and I wondered why I had never heard about Her before since She is mentioned from beginning to the end of the Bible. Then I learned it is b/c God himself has to reveal Her. That truly proves that Christ AhnSahngHong is truly God because He is the only One who has revealed Our Heavenly Mother.

November 15, 2007 at 9:22 PM  

wow!!!!!! i can wait to study about heavenly Mother. thanks to our Father Ahnsahnghong we know we have a spiritual Mother.

November 16, 2007 at 12:39 PM  

Its so amazing that we realize God came in the flesh.. It is truly sacrifice and Love that Mother left her glory behind to seek us, sinners. I cant wait until the day everyone realizes that Mother Jerusalem is here on earth so that they can go a receive her blessings!

November 19, 2007 at 1:29 PM  

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