I was reading Matthew the other day and I got to thinking about a verse that Jesus had said:

"But blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear" Matt.13:16

Now don't get me wrong, I think it's great that I'm neither deaf nor blind, but I don't think that's what he was referring to. For a long time, before seeing the truth, I took the Bible as just a bunch of verses that helped me along with my life, guiding me morally. I've come to realize now why it is that Jesus said that...

"Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it because the time is near" Rev.1:3

So the blessing isn't just in hearing and seeing the words of the BIble, but also by understanding the prophecy. That's where the true blessing is. I had no idea before that the Bible is a book of prophecy. I knew the Old Testament is composed mostly of prophets, but what about the New Testament... what exactly is it prophesying about that we need to know before the time of the end?

"Nevertheless death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking a command, as did Adam, who was a pattern of the one to come" Romans 5:14

Who is the one to come that will be in the pattern of Adam?
"Behold I am coming soon!..."
"...I, Jesus have sent my angel to give you this testimony" Rev. 22:12-16

** So when Jesus Christ comes again he will be in the pattern of Adam
"The first man Adam became a living being; the last Adam a life-giving spirit." 1 Cor. 15:45

SO let's get this straight, When Second Coming Christ comes He will be in the pattern of Adam. Well now, isn't Adam always with Eve?

"Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh...and they will become one flesh" Gen.2:22-24

So God's will in making Adam and Eve one flesh was for Us to understand that when Second Coming Christ comes, Eve must be there as well because they are one flesh?

"Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living"

But in first Corinthians it says that the last Adam will bring life. However in Genesis Eve is the one that gives life. THEN WHAT does IT MEAN?!

When the Last Adam comes he will bring life, but how can life be existing if the giver of life isn't there. Then that means that Last Adam will bring Eve, because Eve is the source of lifE, BINGO

I've always been raised to only know the male image of God, where does it say that there is a female as well?

"Let US make man in Our image, in Our likeness..."
"....male and female he created them" Gen.1:26

So then if male and female were made in the image of God, God has to be both male and female. If God were only male then only male could be made in the image of GOd, but female came out as well.....

"For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly understood from what has been made so that men are without exucse" Romans 1:19

So what was made in the creation? Adam and Eve were made. So that means according to the Bible that male and female are the Divine nature of God...So why haven't we known about the female image of God until now?

"Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory for the wedding of the Lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready" Rev.19:7
- - - 2000 years ago Jesus Christ didn't do two things:
1) He didn't give life until the last days (John 6:39;44;54)
2) He didn't have a bride..

why? was Adam the life-giver from the beginning? no, Eve was, that's why she was called the mother of all the living....this took place in order for prophecy to be fulfilled in the last days...


"Come I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb, and he carried me away in the spirit to a mountain great and high and showed me the Holy City Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God"

Then what is the importance of us knowing who the bride is? What is her relation to us?

(recap - as we know Eve would become the Mother of all the living)

"But the Jerusalem that is above is free and She is our Mother" Galatians 4:26

From the Very beginning God was both male and female. But think about how perfect God's plan was. God referred to our Mother as the bride, which means a wedding is taking place. In a wedding, who is the last to arrive?
In the 6000 years of God's creation work our Mother is the last to be revealed to give us eternal Life in the last days.

"The Spirit and the BRide Say Come, and let him who hears say, "Come!", whoever is thirsty let him come, and whoever wishes let him take the Free Gift of the Water of Life" Rev. 22:17

That's why God calls it a blessing to hear the words of prophecy. We've never heard of our Mother before, but think of how God has always revealed himself. Jesus 2000 years ago waited until he was 30 to be baptized, how do you think the neighbors took the news when they were told that Jesus the son of Joseph and Mary was the Messiah?


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