Yeah, so some may be questioning: "What is this girl talking about? Sinned against God in heaven?" Well, that's just it! Okay, from the beginning. You'll understand better when you study about the secret of the forgiveness of sins. Yes, I said secret. The forgiveness of sins is not as simple as just saying sorry to God, even if you mean it from your heart. We have to know what we are sorry for.
When you consider this earth, how great of a place would you truly say it is? Sure, there's beautiful scenery in nature, and great experiences in our lives. However, what about the bad experiences? Of course, we don't want to think about it, but the reason we must is because the bad experiences out weigh the good ones in practically everything! Try it! Put your life on a scale.
Would you consider the happiness to be more than the sorrow?
Even just turning on the news, (and most don't on account of them being too depressing) we can see that this earth has gone from bad to worse. The murder rates, the rumors of war, the new diseases, the petty crimes have only increased as time goes on. And it ain't gettin' any better!

Why do we live in such a world? Even among our own lives we face the realities of life: always wanting more, never satisfied. Those who are too poor are striving to live a decent life with money. Even where money is enough, it goes to medications or more is still desired. Why are we never happy with ourselves? Always we try to fix ourselves up with appearances or materials; and even when we get a look we like, we're still jealous of someone elses's!

What feels the envy of wanting more? What feels the pain when the heart is broken? What is it about us that we all long to be eternally happy...but we just can't reach that goal? We have to consider what part of us is eternal? What feels? Here's one example:

If you put your hand in fire, it will hurt and you will scream in pain. However, when a corpse is creamated, why doesn't it wreathe in agony? What part feels then? Obviously it can't be the body. Then what else are we made of? ( A spirit!) Then it's the spirit that feels the pain, the jealousy, the temporary happiness, the sadness...Then it's the spirit that we must understand. In the next post, let's understand about our spirit according to the Bible as studied at the Church of God World Mission Society. It's through this lesson that I was able to understand about Christ Ahnsahnghog as well. Please stay posted.


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