HAPPY NEW YEAR! And what a year it will be!
In studying so much about the Bible at the Church of God World Mission Society, I've come up with this story. I'm not too good with showing emotion and speaking words, so I thought I would illustrate what I've understood so far in learning from the Church of God World Mission Society through a story, since I like to write.

{Dad looks around in guard of his wife, for the walls are peeling and cracking with decay. As they reach closer to the cell, the mom feels more and more heart broken. Finally, they reach the cell holding their son.
"Mom!" the overgrown child yells out in excitement. Barely touching, as the iron bars separate them, the three begin to cry to eachother.
"Your father and I have come early so that we can stay with you as long as we can."
"How long are the visiting ours?" Dad asked the officer.
"Until sundown. We don't recommend visiting in the night time. Not too safe."
"Well, isn't everyone locked up?" Mom asked in desperation, still gazing at her son.
"Yes, but, there are not only thieves and alcoholics here, ma'am. There are more murderers."
"But my son was framed!" Mom takes her frustration out on the officer.
The two huddled with their son as long as they could. Finally, Dad went out to the car to stay with the other children. Only Mom stayed with her son, hoping that any moment the officer would hand her the keys. The time came and the prison became pitch black. Only relying on the sense of touch, Mom never lets go of her child's hand. The officer tells the woman,
"I'm sorry ma'am. Visiting hours have long passed."
Forced to leave her son in the cold, damp prison, Mom just barely lets go of his hands and heads slowly toward the exit. }

As much as the mom wanted to stay with her son, she was forced to leave him to maybe visit him another day.
How blessed am I? When I sinned and was locked up in this earth prison, I received the life sentence and death penalty, without even realizing it. However, I am not facing this prison term alone. According to Ps. 102:18-20, Mother has not stopped caring for us even before we were born. Our Mother left home to visit us in jail. Yet, she didn't leave us here alone. Actually, she's not going to. Heavenly Mother Jerusalem stays with us to personally make sure that we go back home. How blessed are we? Even though physically I am not right next to Our Mother, but in reality I am. Mother always takes care of me when I am sick, She warms me when I am cold. She encourages me, even when I feel that I won't make it out of prison. When I become dirty, She never regrets cleaning me up, even though it's at her own expense. She shows so much love, even taking away the death sentence! No, Mother never leaves me alone in my cell. There's no guard to warn Her of the time limitation on visiting hours - who is higher than Her? I can only thank my Father Christ Ahnsahnghong for revealing Our Mother to me. Surely He has handed me the keys to unlock my cell. Now I must look and see which prison cell is holding my brothers and sisters, so that I may use this same key to unlock their cells.


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