In the past, when Father brought the Passover in His 1st coming as Jesus, it was the way Christ brought salvation. However, when Father ascended to heaven and the Apostles died, all of the truth that Father worked so hard to establish was abolished during the Dark Ages.

Christ has appeared a 2nd time, as we know, as Christ Ahnsahnghong. Again He gave us the Passover leading us to the forgiveness of sins and the Kingdom of Heaven. According to the fulfillment of King David's thrown, Father had to ascend to heaven again. What would we do in Father's absence? Maybe satan will try to get rid of Passover again?

It was already God's divine plan to come down not alone, but with our Heavenly Mother, who is also God The Almighty.

Now, with our Mother present, how can the Passover disappear again? Thanks to Our Mother's being here with us, the Passover will be continually kept until the Kingdom of Heaven comes. All thanks and praise to Our Mother, the Queen of Heaven, for watching over us and protecting us, and personally leading us back home to heaven.


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